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Oak Fumado Brushed 180

Castro Wood Floors – Castro Wood Floors Fifteen 3

Castro & Filhos (Sons) has been producing quality wood flooring in Portugal since 1970. It is Portugal’s leading producer of wood flooring and the range includes hardwood floors in Oak and a variety of tropical species. 
Our engineered parquet is composed of top quality maritime plywood and top layers from the best European Oak which provides an excellent solution both in terms of quality, stability and performance. These products which are available finished with either gloss or “invisible” lacquer finish (Nano Technology) and with micro bevel on four sides, can be installed in various ways such as glued, nailed or even floating. The variety of wood finishes make these products an ideal solution for all types of installations. 

As part of our determination to increase the performance of our wooden floors, Castro & Filhos not only have automatic filling machines, and state of the art pressing lines but are now introducing Nano Technology.
The introduction of Nano Technology to our finishing process not only allows us to continue to offer a range of gloss levels, including an “invisible lacquer” finish but added to this our finish is twice as resistant to abrasion compared to a regular acrylic/urethane lacquer.
This means that our hardwood floors are much more scratch resistant than ever before and as such will maintain their appearance and lustre longer than ever before!

  • Brand:
    Castro Wood Floors
  • Code:
  • Pack Size:
  • Unit of Measure:
  • Dimensions:
    14.5 mm x 180 mm x 2200mm
  • Packs / Pallet:
  • Installation Method:
    Floating, Elastilon, Glue, Nailing on sheeted subfloor
  • Underfloor Heating:
  • Quality:
    Character Grade
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